"Clay controls me; I don't control clay."

-Jean-Marie Grenier


My early training as a rhythmic juggler in circus school in Paris and later work in dance in New York, inspires my idiosyncratic and improvised “dance” with the clay. With clay as my dance partner I use the image of the figure to create abstract forms containing the movement, freedom, romance and sensuality of life. 

Initially, the medium of stoneware or sculpture clay with a terra sigillata finish enabled me to provide my pieces with their own “skin” of neutral color and smooth finish that can be “touched with the eyes and looked at with the fingers.” This finish is integral to achieving my goal of emphasizing the movement of my forms, enhancing their sinuous, sensual, organic shapes. More recently, I have experimented with encaustic wax with pigment, oxide and graphite, further emphasizing the pieces’ depth and volume.